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What Is Global Gathering?
Global Gathering is a group clearing session with the world's leading mind-body healing expert Brandon Bays that brings together more than 10,000 people from 40+ countries each year.

These events offer an extraordinary practical and energetic support to connect, grow, heal and learn from the world’s leading expert on emotional healing and life transformation. 

It is recorded at Brandon’s home in Wales and is accessible anywhere in the world for free. Though the recording is from 2016, it is still applicable and actionable today.

At the event Brandon guides you through a powerful, deeply clearing inner transformation process, giving you a unique opportunity to work directly with one of the world’s leading mind-body-healing teachers while receiving support from thousands of others.  
Theme: Your Wake-Up Call
In our most difficult times, we have the best chance to wake up. We here at the Journey feel that there is massive shift going on - in people’s personal lives and on a worldwide scale - people are waking up! There are signs everywhere that something in our lives needs to change. You might know what I’m referring to….

So this event is truly different from any other Global Gathering before. Brandon uses her unique gift to guide and open us as individuals and as a group to find the lesson in the core of our suffering.

Doing your own inner work together with thousands of others is the best thing you can do for global peace right now.
What's Global Gathering Really Like?
You’d have to be there to know, but read the comments of the last event to get an idea:
What Is The Journey Method?
In the past 25 years The Journey Method has spread across the globe 
and is now available in 48 countries and translated into 19 languages.
It's considered one of the most powerful healing modalities available anywhere, and attracts people of all ages and backgrounds to experience the powerful, tangible and lasting results the work delivers.

With all our hearts we welcome you to join us on the journey of your life, in what is some of the most powerful, healing work available in our time.

The program is designed to guide you to experience real fulfillment and wholeness in every aspect of your life
- emotionally, physically, spiritually, in relationships, even in your business life and career. 

We've spent the last 5 years developing and testing this online programme with thousands of people whose feedback has shaped it into the truly comprehensive online programme that it is today. 

In only 6 weeks you receive all the tools you need to get results - and guided and supported in the most elegant way imaginable.

It all starts within you - if you're ready to genuinely transform your life into one of wholeness and fulfillment, we've created a fully guided programme where you can do your inner work in a safe and supportive environment.

Your journey starts with you! 
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