Penney Peirce
How The Symphony Of Frequencies Inside And Out Influence Us?
Penney Peirce is an early pioneer in the intuition development movement and consistently writes leading edge books that open the way to new pathways of personal transformation.
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Interview Notes
  •  What is intuition
  •  Why is it so important especially in todays world to develop your intuition  
  •  Extra accelerated state vs old linear perception that our left brain is used to
  •  The difference between direct knowing and analytical thinking
  •  How to differentiate if it’s your intuition or your old belief system and fears talking 
  •  How to read your body's signals to truly know what is right for you
  •  A simple process to use your intuition in making major life decisions 
  •  How to use these tools in planning, enhancing creativity, accessing flow 
  •  First step in accessing your intuition 
  •  The age of acceleration and a positive future vision of where the world in going 
  •  Clearing the clutter and blockages from your life 
  •  Linear vs spherical thinking - and why is spherical thinking becoming more and more important 
  •  Why the old way of goal setting is causing friction, exhaustion and conflict 
  •  New more connected way of setting goals and achieving much more with less effort 
  •  Practices on strengthening your intuitive abilities 
  •   Developing your Inner Perceiver practice 
  •   Truth and anxiety signals 
  •   What is home frequency that every person has and how to discover it
  •   Why adapting yourself to your environment causes ups and downs  
  •  Living from your home note vs matching your energies to people around us 
  •   Meditation to integrate your left and right brain hemispheres 
  •   Using music to help your brain hemispheres co-operate more 
  •   How to use music to back to flow when your inner world has been contracted and has become solid 
  •   Why non-verbal music is so important in helping your body to be more in the flow 
  •   How did her own journey started and how opening her intuition over the years has evolved 
  •   Different types of intuition - tactile, verbal, visual etc 
  •   Penney’s private rituals and practices to keep her intuition sharp 
  •   How to use the workbook exercises that Penney has helped to co-create for this summit 
  •   Living a life of constant intuitive guidance - how it looks like and what are the benefits 
  •   How to use "stream of consciousness" exercise to dream bigger
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Quotes From The Interview
"We are stepping into the Intuition Age."

"Intuition is the Consciousness of your body that doesn't have language."

"We are starting to go faster than our left (linear) brain is used to - so we make the leap or perception into Direct Knowing."
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