Discover How Conscious Heart-Led Planning 
Will Help You to Achieve Your Goals
Create Your Conscious Plan
This Masterclass Is Recorded In 2017 And Still Greatly Applicable Today -
No Matter Whether It's January, July or September, You Can Always Reboot Your Life
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A New Period In Your Life
Receive A Superb Gift:
The Transformation Tracker
The Transformation Tracker is a superb tool to focus on and witness your ongoing personal growth over time. 

It's easy to lose track of your progress and wonder if you've changed at all. By logging your steps forward, you can stay motivated and focused in your pursuit of health and wellness. This is what this Tracker is all about.

Your EMOTIONAL CONNECTION To Anything Determines
Whether You Will Succeed With Your Plans Or Not
During This Conscious Planning Masterclass You Will:
  •  Get clarity on what you really want in life, identify your deepest desires and set true emotional goals
  •  Learn how to create a CONSCIOUS plan and achieve more of your goals
  •  Identify, locate and remove the unconscious blocks that have previously sabotaged your plans
Meet Your Coach: Bet Diening-Weatherston
With humour and vulnerability Bet Diening-Weatherston facilitates live and online Journey & Visionary Leadership seminars around the world.

By choosing to live a life in truth, compassion and forgiveness Bet shares her own direct experiences as a catalyst for change.

Bet is a contributing author to Brandon Bays' book, "Living the Journey" and "MIRACULOUS Real Life Healing Stories?"
Register Now And Kick-Start 
A New Period In Your Life
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