Learn To Tune Into Abundance And Release Your Internal Money Blocks
Discover a Powerful Process to Remove Blocks, Live in Abundance and Receive the Money You Deserve
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If You Are Struggling With Money Or Feeling Non-Abundant,
Look For The Reasons Inside Yourself, Rather than Outside.
In This FREE Masterclass You Will:

  •  Discover the deeply ingrained but disempowering  beliefs that your parents and  society have taught you.
  •  Learn an effective yet simple process to improve your  relationship with money.
  •  Identify abundance blocks.
  •  Find the main bottle neck in your way towards  abundance.
  •  Realise what are the stories you are subconsciously  telling to yourself. "I don't deserve it", "I can't afford it"...
  •  Learn how to reprogramme yourself to feel differently  about money.
Meet The Host: Prema Joy
During her 22-year personal journey, Prema has gained skills as an intuitive counselor, programme & meditation facilitator, artist, singer and speaker.

She's a Senior Journey Practitioner who has counselled hundreds of people on abundance and various other issues. She has also been extensively trained by the founder of the Journey method, Brandon Bays.

Prema strongly believes that everyone can live an abundant life if you uncover and clear the self imposed blocks you have lived with. 

A grandmother and mother of 2, Prema travels around Australia supporting people to live their lives with passion.
Senior Journey Practitioner Prema Joy
What People Say About Prema Joy
 "It only hit me when I met my own limiting beliefs. "
"I had heard a lot about internal blocks towards abundance but it only hit me when I met my own limiting beliefs. 

I had been taught to work hard to get money. And so I worked extremely hard on 3 jobs.

After working on my internal blocks, I can say now that I am truly living in abundance every day. And money doesn't have to come hard."

- Aiki Arro
"The introspection aspect certainly gave me all “Ah ha” moments"
"I feel that I have gained a lot of insights into myself whilst participating in the workshop.

The introspection aspect certainly gave me all “Ah ha” moments and some personal clarity. 

I am happy with the end result and am now focusing on manifesting the outcomes that were highlighted for me. "

- Lin
"My life has become richer"
"I have always found Prema to be very professional, passionate and devoted.

As a practitioner she has a depth of wisdom, care, empathy and a focused commonsense approach to life.

My life has become richer for knowing Prema through her sincerity, encouragement and healing work. "

- Di Goulding
of ‘Inspired by Spirit’ 
Effortlessly Shift Your MONEY-Paradigms When You Use 
The Powerful Process Revealed In This Masterclass
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